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You've Come to the Right Place!

Professional Portraits Mini Shoot

I get it, it is hard to get good, professional pictures of yourself that are worthy of LinkedIn, profile pictures, resumes, social media, and even dating apps!

I am here to help. 

For only $25 you will get:

The opportunity to choose up to 5 photos from 9 different poses and/or backgrounds for me to professionally edit and return to you! How formally you dress is up to you; it depends on how formal you want the finished product to be!

If you share this web page or the social media graphic with 5 people, you can get $5 off!

Terms for using these pictures (digital files) are outlined in the contract that will be sent to your email, but they can be used for (but not limited to):

  • Professional work

  • Zoom covers

  • Mutual or other dating app profiles ;)

  • Social Media posts

  • Profile pictures

  • Resumes and LinkedIn

  • Your mom's fridge :)

Do you have questions? Send me an email:

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