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Provo Canyon Engagement Photo Sessions

I love Provo Canyon. I have so many memories from the last couple years doing different activities with my family, roommates, on dates, with my husband, you name it! It is stunning and has quite a bit of diversity when it comes to photo locations.

I want to share a collection of my favorite photos from up Provo Canyon from different seasons!

Not all the couples in these photos are engaged. Some are married, some are dating. This is your sign that you should get photos taken with your significant other! ;)


Let's face it, most people have heard of squaw peak and if they haven't, they're either from way out of town or are too embarrassed to admit it. These Squaw Peak sessions are some of my favs!

A Parking Lot opposite Upper Falls Park

The reason why this subtitle is so vague is because I don't think this parking lot has a name. It is usually closed from October-May, so don't plan to use it in between those times! Perhaps you'll get lucky every now and then to find it open, though!

Upper Falls Park and Provo River Trail

The Provo River Trail has some great views, the water is beautiful, plus it has good tree coverage and a stunning wooden fence just north of Upper Falls Park! This is a great spot for green summer photos, colorful fall photos, and even winter photos if you're brave enough to walk in the snow.

Alpine Loop

The Alpine Loop up Provo Canyon is a great place to take photos! You can stop and get out just about anywhere to take photos, jump back in, and go to the next spot! It is a stunning location that I often use for both engagements and bridals.

Tibble Fork Reservoir

Technically, this isn't in Provo Canyon. But, it is an honorable mention because you can get there by going through the whole Alpine Loop! I absolutely love the colors of Tibble Fork. The water is brilliant, there is a great variety of trees, which means it can also be stunning in the winter, and it has the perfect mix of forest, open field, and lake! I have done both bridals and engagements here and am dying to go back!

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